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A medicines formulary is a continually updated list of medicines and related information used in the tretament and/or diagnosis of disease and promotion of health. It should be evidence based, reflecting local and national guidelines, and cost effective to serve the health interests of  local population.

The aim of a formulary is to inform the hospital prescribers of the medicines available in the hospital and, wherever available, guidance on how these medicines should be prescribed.

While some medicines are for use in hospital, a close liaison between the Drugs and Therapeutics Committee and Clinical Commissioning Group ensures that the patient receives a seamless delivery of medicines on admission and on leaving the hospital.
Names of medicines
Medicines are listed by their approved names arranged according to BNF sections. However, the brand names are used when prescribing by brand name is desirable eg for modified-release preparations and combination products.

Non-formulary medicines
Prescribing of non-formulary medicines leads to delays in treatment. These medicines will only be supplied where the need has been established.

Unlicensed medicines
These medicines may be requested by the prescribers by completing an application form to confirm that he/she takes responsibility for prescribing such a medicine.

Application to include medicines on the formulay
Request to the Drugs & Therapeutics Committee should be made by completing the New Medicines application Form.

New medicnes will added within two weeks of the approval.

Drugs and Therapeutics Committee would approciate feedback on all aspects of the formulary.


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